• Local Authority Food Law Enforcement - “Overall Position is one of Growing Concern”.

    The FSA Board received the annual report on local authority food law enforcement at its January meeting. Amongst other things the Board was asked to note concerns raised about the performance of some individual local authorities, the sustainability of the current enforcement delivery model and whether the model is fit for the future. The issues raised in the report are more pronounced in relation to England and for food standards activity.

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What we do - Making it crystal clear

  • Putting things in Perspective

    The day to day work carried out by the members of the APA has a direct effect on our daily lives — from the food that we eat to the air we breathe, from checking the safety of children's toys to providing a frontline emergency response unit for chemical leaks.

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  • Case studies

    View some recent case studies of work carried out by members of the APA showcasing the diverse range of instances where our members get involved.

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Job Vacancies

  • Senior Analyst/Quality Manager with West Yorkshire Analytical Services

    West Yorkshire Analytical Services is a leading Public Analyst laboratory providing a wide ranging analytical and advisory service to the public and private sectors. We are seeking an experienced analytical chemist to join us due to the retirement of the current postholder. What do we want you to do? • Manage the ISO17025 Quality System, including maintenance to and extension of scope, carrying out and supervising audits and preparing validation packages for new methods; • Carry out complex and innovative analysis and work with other staff on analysis to make the best use of time and resources; • Ensure that all tasks are completed within the required timeframes and in accordance with defined methods, procedures and quality requirements; • Ensure that high quality work is carried out in the most efficient manner; • Train analytical staff as required.

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Tender Opportunities